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Made in 48 hours, CLAIR is the first of many other planned films for Mola Mola Animation, a collaborative project I share with my partner, Howard Kung. CLAIR was originally developed for the 'STARS 48hr FILM ANTHOLOGY' by Stemms, and we were given the freedom to create whatever we wanted as long as it was made in the allotted time limit and in theme.


As someone passionate about environmentalism, I thought of the idea of making the film about the magic and rarity of seeing stars in our current world. I took on the role as the concept artist, character animator, and colorist for the film.

Below are some examples of the work I made early in production.

image_6483441 (35).JPG
image_6483441 (36).JPG

I had a very particular palette in mind for the film, and using my partner's storyboards I created these color scripts to communicate the tone I wanted for each scene through color. I made sure to restrict the amount of colors used in order to keep the film's presentation simple and consistent.


The animation in the film was done almost entirely with live references recorded and performed by me in my apartment. Even with limited time and a simple art style, I wanted to make sure to include subtle movements in the animation.


The full short can be viewed on our youtube channel!

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